Since 1980 DCD has been a leader in the fields of weight-loss, shaping and cellulite treatment. In over 40 years of experience, we have developed our Method, studying technologies of advanced aesthetics, working side by side with doctors, biologists, dieticians and nutrition specialists.

We focused on the scientific validity of our treatments and efficacy in the short and long-term with a single purpose: to give voice to our customers’ needs.

Today we want to take a further step in this direction by establishing the DCD Industrial Division, a department dedicated to the research, development, and sales of the most highly demanded devices by our customers: the New Electrosculpture, the New Radiofrequency and the New Cryoultrasound.


The success of the DCD business is evidenced by our history. In more than 40 years of business, we have completed more than 3 million treatments, accompanying hundreds of thousands of clients on their progress to their best shape with competence and professionalism.

And we are ready to share these achievements with you.

More than 40 years of history

More than 3 million sessions performed

More than 200,000 happy people

Group 5

40 years
of history

Group 10

3 million
sessions carried out

Group 11

200.000 satisfied


The New DCD Radiofrequency is a treatment that uses electromagnetic waves to counteract the imperfections of aging.

The NEW DCD RADIOFREQUENCY is a tool capable of working in both bipolar and monopolar mode.

It works by generating a high-frequency alternating electric field (selectable between 485 KHz and 1MHz) to induce an endothermic process, that is, heating of internal tissues that improves circulation by stimulating the production of new collagen.

The New DCD Radiofrequency is a treatment that is suitable for all parts of the body and face due to the various sizes of the bundled electrodes, designed for both small and localized areas (electrodes up to 26mm in diameter), as well as for the larger areas (electrodes up to 70mm in diameter).

In addition, thanks to the dual capacitive and resistive mode, it can work at different depths to allow for a focused effectiveness on even the most difficult areas. Moreover, it is also able to operate in athermia, that is, emitting biostimulating energy without heat, which makes it usable on the sensitive skins of face and body.


The New DCD Cryoultrasoud is one of the most powerful devices of its kind, capable of emitting ultrasounds at a power of 3 watts per cm2, and combining these with the refrigeration of the handpiece head down to 0°, so as to guarantee greater frequency tolerability and greater compaction of the treated tissue.

The New Cryoultrasoud can generate two different forms of energy simultaneously: a mechanical one, a micromassage for the reduction of fibrotic connective tissue, of subcutaneous fat and of liquid retention; and a thermal one, removing heat to increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

The applicable power density can be adjusted from 0.1to 3w/cm2 in continuous or pulsed mode.


The New Electrosculpture®, a registered trademark of DCD, is an independent operator treatment that effectively helps to improve cellulite blemishes, lose weight, and decrease and shape body volume.

It is a DCD exclusive and it is our flagship: over the course of a good 40 years, more than 3 million sessions have been performed and more than 200 thousand cases have been resolved.

This device exploits the principle of electrophoresis by acting on lymphatic and blood circulation. It exploits galvanic currents, consisting of electron flows of weak intensity, to increase biological, enzymatic activities and cellular metabolic turn-over.

For the body, the treatment is performed by wearing a cotton/lycra onesie soaked in plain water, while, for the arms, it involves the use of pure cotton bandages overlapped with elastic conductive bands. The latter are then connected to the 24 New Electrosculpture electrodes.


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